Acromegaly is caused due to Excess Production on Growth Hormone by Pituitary Gland, the changes in Human Body are perceived at later ages of this syndrome. It leads to Excess Growth of Bones, Gaping between Teeth, Swelling Body Parts, Enlarged of Jaw and Skull, Thickening of Soft Tissues, another coined term is Gigantism.
Generally Acromegaly is result of Benign Tumour in Pituitary Gland, a Non Cancerous Tumour, but this rare syndrome can lead to Life Long Complications, Severe Illness or Death, if not treated properly.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Enlargement of Jaws, Hands, Feet, Bones, Tongue, Lips, Nose, Ears, Skull
  • General Thickening of Skin and Soft Tissues
  • Small Outgrowth of Skin (Skin Tags)
  • Swelling of Body Parts
  • Spacing in Teeth
  • Difficulty in Respiration
  • General Headaches
  • Vision Impairment
  • Fatigue
  • Oily Skin
  • Erectile Dysfunction in Men; Abnormal Menstrual Cycle in Women
  • Deep Voice
  • Trouble Sleeping


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is controlled by Pituitary Gland, but due to growth of a Non Cancerous Benign Tumour excess of HGH is produced by the Gland. In Addition, it triggers your liver to produce a Hormone IGF-I resulting in excess of IGF-I which is responsible for Abnormalities.
Generally maximum cases of Acromegaly are caused by Benign Tumour of Pituitary Gland called an Adenoma, but rarely Acromegaly is not result of Adenoma but Tumours in Lungs, Pancreas or Adrenal Glands. These Tumours also lead to excess of HGH in body, but in many cases they produce GHRH(Growth Hormone Release Hormone) which subsequently simulates Pituitary Gland to produce Excess of HGH.
Different approaches are required to Diagnose with Pituitary Adenoma and Tumours in other parts.



  • Scale Down Excess Production of HGH
  • Relieve the Pressure exerted by Tumour
  • Reverse the Complications Produced
  • Improve Symptoms that Occurred

Treatment of Acromegaly are done by three major methodologies practiced by Doctors, Surgery, Medication Therapy, Radiation Therapy.