Alcoholism is a broad term used for any Alcohol Drinking Related Complications, where the user shows addiction towards Alcohol. Alcoholism can be said as Complete Physical Dependency, Nearly Impossible Withdrawal, and Increased Consumption by time and moreover, it subjects the user in change of behaviour, lack of responsibilities, addiction and socially they withdraw themselves.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Unstoppable Urge to Drink
  • Increment in amount of Consumption
  • Loss of Social Responsibilities
  • Lack of Discipline, Inclined towards Drink
  • Losing Interest in activities
  • Intentionally Get Drunk for Sake of it
  • Blacking Out
  • Including Drinking in Regular Routine
  • Physical Dependency


There is no one way to cause Alcoholism, it is widely Debated and trimmed down to following factors like Genes, Environment, Psychology, Peer Pressure, Family Trait, Depression, Stress Relief, all roundabout to one same Problem that is Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Dependency. Advice is to Control Urges to Consume Alcohol, studies show the age of first drink can somehow affect the chances of being a Alcoholic, in Adults it nearly takes 10-15years of Drinking to develop Alcoholism.


Treatment of Alcoholism is not only done by Medicinal means but it can be stopped by many methods, usually followed Method is to Completely go Rogue and Stop any Consumption of Alcohol. The Peers and Families of the abuser are also required to fully support and help them recover from their condition, Medicines are also available to reduce the effects of Alcohol so the abuser can not consume when fall prey to urges. Many Drugs Produce Severe reactions when consuming alcohol preventing user from consuming at all, Support Groups are also advice to meet same kind of people and relieve stress. Detoxification is also considered by many to prevent Withdrawal Symptoms which can be pretty Painful.